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Grand opening of small railroad stations

We are an expert in road shows – this is why Polish Railroads choose as to open eleven new stations located all over Poland. Our task was, among others, to prepare activities for the local residents. We created an interactive application “Discover your new station”, which was adapted to the needs of each individual location. We took care of the promotion – we contacted the local media, sent electronic invitations to the representatives of the city, we produced and published promotional posters. We had also a railway sweets – candies, lollipops, and muffins with Polish Railroads logo . For children we created special  attractions: games “Journey of Dreams”, “Create your new station” and even small workshop where they could make their own pin-buttons! Promotional materials and give-aways were also quite unique: backpacks with logo, USB card with images of the new stations, postcards and…  jingle announcing attractions on each station!



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