BOOM Bardzo Oryginalna Oferta Marketingowa


We are 25 years on the market.

In that time, the Earth orbiting around the Sun revolved  9125 around its axis, the human eye blinked  328 500 000 times, and the heart of a hummingbird gave 13 148 719 000 beats. 152 trillion kilometers of light passed through the pupil of a person sleeping on average 8 hours per night!

The standards and values we cultivate were set in the raw stone of the rising marketplace. That is why we could produce successful events long before the industry called them events.

We are an eventful factory and a tourist agency of your dreams. Our head office is on top of the world. From here our  imagination stretches far beyond the horizon.

We emission waves of creative energy through walls saturated with history and forge bold ideas into perfect productions.

We are a team that works good together. We are a little more than a string quartet, a little less than an orchestra. We love solo pieces but our strength lays in playing in unison. 

Our team

Viola Lubacz – Cello

Founder and manager in BOOM, one of the first  special events teams specializing in contemporary repertoire. Self-made woman, gained acknowledgements on the stages and behind the scenes of the most recognizable concert halls during two decades of intense work. Active participator and organizer of cultural activities. Has a gift for persuasion. Easily convinces even the greatest composers to dedicate their premiere briefs to her talented staff. Gifted with a perfect pitch for marketing, weak in the face of  beauty, sensitive to insincerity.

Wiesia – Harp

Wide concerting experience and perfect organizational skills allow her to combine music career with the duties of the orchestra’s inspector. Her subtle play introduces peace and harmony to the team, whereas her  administrative skills allow to keep a tight rein on the ensemble. Devoted admirer of idyllic landscapes enchanted in the sounds of Chopin’s mazurkas.

Marta  – Violin  

A real Stradivarius in the world of events. Great organizer and producer of zillions of excellent concerts. Big enthusiast of American literature, Danish design and Polish cuisine. Followed around by a miniature pinscher rescued from a dog shelter.

Company details

BOOM Bardzo Oryginalna Oferta Marketingowa Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Warsaw (00-108 ) at Zielna 39, 11th floor, registered in the Regional Court for the capital city of Warsaw, XII Economic Division under the number KRS 0000408230 in National Court Register, NIP 525-252-52-42, REGON 145964470, with initial capital 200 000,00 PLN.


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